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About Me­diapulse

As an independent industry organisation, Mediapulse is charged with collecting data on the usage of radio and TV programmes as well as online services in Switzerland. This data is considered to be the official currency and is used by broadcasters and programme makers, publishers, the advertising industry, government agencies and for research. 

The data products provided by Mediapulse allow the electronic media and advertising market in Switzerland to observe, compare, evaluate, bundle and structure itself. By continuously innovating the sampling systems and methods used, Mediapulse keeps up with the dynamic changes in the object of its research and thus guarantees a valid, reliable depiction of the media market.

Mediapulse stands for a transparent, independent, objective and scientific approach to media research and is under the supervision of DETEC (OFCOM). The most important areas of the market are represented on the Board of Directors of Mediapulse AG and the Board of Trustees of the Mediapulse Foundation. 


Mediapulse conducts usage and consumer research for the media genres TV, radio and online, as well as cross-genre baseline research on the distribution and use of electronic media. The data collected is made available to the Swiss media and advertising market through eight research products (following links lead to the German page).

Meth­od­o­logy Factsheet


Mediapulse makes some of the usage data it collects publicly available and thus meets the needs of the media and advertising market as well as the requirements of the Swiss Radio and Television Act. A distinction is made between annual data, semester data, quarterly data and monthly data, depending on the period under consideration. The scope of the data provided varies across the different research products.

An­nu­al Data

The annual reports are compiled for each language region and include analyses of TV Data, Radio Data and Establishment Survey Data. You can find the annual reports on the German page.

Semester Data

The semester data summarises the most important results based on TV Data, Radio Data and Online Audience Data (from 2nd semester 2022). You can find the previous semester reports on the German page.

Semester Data TV

Semester Data Radio

Semester Data Online Audience

Quarterly Data

From the beginning of 2021 to the end of 2022, TV Streaming Data was published in the form of quarterly reports. Since 2023, Mediapulse has made the TV Streaming Data available in a paid Dashboard. You can find the TV Streaming Data offer sheet on the German page.

Quarterly Data TV Streaming Data 2021-2022

Monthly Data

For analysis of the Online Traffic Data on a monthly basis, Mediapulse provides three different Dashboards, each with a different analytical focus.


The Mediapulse Foundation for Media Research was established in 2007 to fulfil the legal mandate under the Federal Act on Radio and Television (RTVA). In the RTVA (Art. 78–81), the Confederation states that the Mediapulse Foundation is charged with “collecting scientific data on the usage of radio and television in Switzerland”. And: “In doing so, it must apply scientific methodology and is independent of the SRG, of other broadcasters, and of the advertising industry.” The Foundation is under supervision by the Federal Department for Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC). 

The Mediapulse Foundation itself is not operationally active and delegates the implementation of the research and marketing duties to its subsidiary Mediapulse AG. The Foundation holds 100% of the shares in its subsidiary. 

The Mediapulse Foundation and Mediapulse AG are well integrated into the market. All key stakeholders are on board as members of various committees. This ensures that Mediapulse does not pursue its own interests or conducts research detached from the needs of the market.